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{ Online and Social Media Marketing}



What is Social Media?

Social media today is a general term for all the websites that connect people and give them the ability to provide social actions. An example for this is Twitter which is a social website that has functions of sharing short characters (tweets) with other people whereas Facebook on the other hand is a full packaged social networking website for sharing photos, ideas, messages and as well as joining events.

Relation of Search Engine and Social Media Marketing

Unlike Search Engines like Google that are used by people only if they are looking for information, Social Media is an ecosystem of people online. Easy to say, it is a place in the internet which is connected to us, making it a part of our daily lives.
According to Growing Social Media ( 47% of all the internet users worldwide have their own Facebook account with a penetration of a staggering 29% and rapidly growing!
This means that using Social Media is definitely more effective and non-intrusive compared to other advertisement methods online.



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