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{ Mobile Responsive Websites}


What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a website functionality and feature that automatically resizes and arranges the structure of your website to mobile devices screen size for an easier and highly functional reading and browsing experience, which means that when visitors open your website from a mobile device like tablet or smart phone, or even other easy and on-the go devices, the reader’s will not have any difficulty reading and navigating throughout the website.


What will you get from Dragon Scale Web Development in terms of responsive design?

  • Custom, beautiful, top quality, and professional website created in php platforms either WordPress or CodeIgniter that will greatly function in all type of mobile devices from tablets to smartphones.
  • A direct consultation with the owner of the company to outline and diagnose your needs and choices to be able to come up with the best solution and design that will be necessary throughout the development process.
  • A website that is SEO Ready and SEO Optimized for better visibility in Search Engines like Google and Yahoo.


The Mobile Phone Penetration Study

63% of people around the globe are visiting the Internet via their smart devices like phones, and tablets.
On the contrary, majority of the websites are still not adapting to this technological advancement thus, losing a lot of potential client and leads to the company or brand that owns the website.(May 2013 – Pew Internet Research Center)

Mobile Penetration in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the mobile penetration is exponentially growing. 45% of all the smartphone users access the Internet everyday on their smartphone and 77% never leave home without it. 80% of the Filipino consumer’s decision in spending their money on different products is heavily influenced by the mobile ecosystem.

Nothing will stop the transformation of clients from native desktop and laptop to the mobile ecosystem.

According to BIA-KELSEY, the number of users that are using mobile will start to outnumber the desktop/laptop users starting this year of 2015 thus, having a mobile responsive website is a critical part your business. (Our Mobile Planet, Google Inc.), BIA-KELSEY


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