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Creative Graphic Design Development

One of the most effective methods of getting your prospect client is to have high quality graphic based advertisements. High quality graphical advertisements are proven throughout the years to get more attention and understanding as well as interest on how a certain product, company, or service works.

E-Cigs Advertisement created by Dragon Scale


Dragon Scale Graphic and Web Ads Services

Our years of experience and true passion in creativity and design earned us top of the line graphic and web advertisements skills that will surely get the attention of your clients. Business partnership with Dragon Scale Web Development services provides the following which will be crucial and innovative to your success:

  • Creative brainstorming before the development of the graphic design based on the purpose and the target audience
  • Creating high quality graphics with different options for clients to select the best and appropriate creative output
  • Final consultation and publishing of graphics depending on the platform to be used for publication as well as assistance in publication

Web Graphics and the Philippines

The most effective method in terms of creative graphic design development is to apply it online either in a website or in a marketing methodology like online advertisements and online marketing.

A research conducted by Gartner states that 80% of the Filipino consumers are affected by online advertisements (mostly Web Graphics) on deciding which products to purchase. That simply means that Graphic Based advertisements are very effective in providing interests to online prospect clients which is a rapidly growing domain.

According to Adecco, outbound marketing is out of style and inbound marketing (online marketing) is greatly on the rise. But the main question is why?


digital revolution

People Love Information and Free Will

Inbound marketing aside from being very expensive (newspapers, televisions, radio), is definitely annoying. When reading a newspaper for instance, there is no escaping in getting the whole advertisement information unlike web based advertisements that what you get is only an interesting web graphical image which gives interest and you just get the information that you need when you click on it. There is no information overfeeding and there is a free-will.

Aside from that, because of the rapid and effective penetration of the internet as well as its platform – games to social and multimedia, advertisements published online are easily seen and are being responded.

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