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Create a Perfect E-commerce Website with Dragon Scale

All web shops and e-commerce website have different requirement and features. Dragon Scale Web Development Services make sure that these requirements are attained to your specific needs. Engineered into almost perfection, Dragon Scale Web Development Services develop high quality experience to every prospect client depending on how you want and what you want in your e-commerce website.

Using industry standard technologies like WordPress, Woo-Commerce, HTML5,  CSS3, Mobile Responsive/Compatible technologies like Media Query, and Twitter Bootstrap, Dragon Scale assures you a highly flexible, functional, scalable business growth and expansion.



Your website will have an easy dashboard with easy control on products, content, pages, and settings. This platform is the same platform used by big and popular brands on their websites like Sony, Forbes, Van Heusen, NASA, TIME, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, University of British Columbia, and many more!

Aside from that, Dragon Scale Web Development services integrate SEO functionality and features that will easily draw clients as well as the Dragon Scale Web Development SYNC feature which integrates your Social Media into your e-commerce website which will greatly save you time marketing your e-commerce into Facebook and Twitter!


Why Consumers Use E-Commerce Website?

E-commerce is becoming “the way to shop” for the majority of customers around the globe. This not only impacts large scale companies but also small and local companies. Total E-commerce sales are expected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2015 and the following items below explain why.

  • Purchasing in E-commerce lessens the gas consumption. All you have to do is to click and purchase.
  • There is comfort purchasing online. No crowd, no sweat, and no fighting.
  • More products are sold cheaper online in e-commerce websites.
  • Time is saved.
  • There are more varieties online than your nearest shopping mall.



E-Commerce in the Philippines

If you are looking to sell your products online, NOW is the best time and choice!

There is a big and exponential growth of E-commerce clients in the Philippines and the rates are continuously getting high. According to Google, 42% of those people that search products on line purchase it in an e-commerce website while 61% among these people makes a purchase at least once a month.

Barriers are rapidly solved

Even though there are still barriers in the penetration of E-commerce in the Philippines, these are rapidly solved one by one by technology itself. For example, one of the highest barriers is the quality and trust on the payment process. This barrier however was already resolved by courier companies that offer Cash on Delivery where buyers can decline on the product after inspecting the quality upon delivery or pay if client is satisfied.


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