Cross Platform Custom System


{ Cross Platform Custom System}



Customized Web Based System Development

If you are looking for a fast and cost effective company process, then what Dragon Scale Web Development offers you is a customized web based system. Our passion in providing top of the line technological and strong foundation through custom catered systems will definitely help you achieve your goals as a company.

From API integrations into tracking and payment integrations as well as membership functionalities, Dragon Scale will surely do the job! Get a free consultation now and let us talk about how you can achieve the success of your company through our custom catered web services!

Web technology is the future of development

Web technology is the future of development. 10 years ago, Java dreamed of an operating system that could run in all platforms. Although this technology succeeded, it requires a JRE or a Java Runtime Environment on the specific platform to be able to run thus, we cannot say that it is 100% flexible or multi-platform.
However when HTML5 and CSS3 technologies emerged, this changed how multi-platform technology works. Using these new technologies, developers like Dragon Scale can now create multi-platform technologies and software either locally or online (cloud) with all the local customized system can do.
Whenever you visit large modern corporations, you should be able to see that the type of systems that employees use is now web based. You may not know it but even mobile phone games or software on your computer like your proprietary Anti-Virus uses web technology.



Code Igniter as our Primary Framework

In creating customized web based technologies, Dragon Scale uses a standard and effective PHP platform technology named Code Igniter. Considered as one of the most stable and fast processing PHP frameworks, Code Igniter provides fast development, easy to understand (standardized) methodologies and power that would make your system effective, secured, and cost effective without compromising development timeframe.

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