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DragonScale or Dragon Scale Web Development Services

is a single proprietorship company in the Philippines that offer custom catered web-based technologies from brochure websites to online marketing strategies. Started last July of 2015, DragonScale lives up to the vision and assurance in providing cost-effective high-quality website services throughout the globe.

The main goal of DragonScale Web Development Services is to become a strong foundation of technology worldwide. With our constant push in technological advancements as well as our community interactions, Dragon Scale is striving toward excellence in IT development and services.

Etymology: The Scales of the Dragon

Based on ancient myths, dragon scale is considered to be one of the hardest material on earth. Dragons cannot be pierced nor struck because of its scales. However each are as clear as glass and shiny as jewels making it the perfect armour for knights that protect the strongest castle.

Just like the real dragon scale, DragonScale Web Development Services aims to become a strong innovative foundation to our clients – big or small.

“Ian looked skyward to see the firedrake soaring overhead. Its mass was a black deluge, an eclipse of aberrant origins, and its wings were tautly wound, like a spider’s web. Scales that shown like bejeweled armor glistened upon its body. Its tail crashed against the air; the storm surge of an impetuous sea. The shadow it cast was an aperture of dementia that ripped asunder the sanity of those who watched. Astride the beast’s spine, rode a figure that resembled a man, but with such grandeur at his disposal, appeared a living god.”
― Fernando A. Torres, The Shadow That Endures


John the CEO of Dragon Scale with Cherrie Ann the president of PHP Users Group Philippines

The Proprietor

The founder and sole proprietor of DragonScale Web Development Services is John Tugare, a 24-year old passionate ICT advocate from the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. A Department of Science Technology scholar as well as a graduate of one of the premier state universities in the Philippines – Pangasinan State University Urdaneta City Campus.

Started from a small beginning, John began programming with clients as early as he was in third-year college as a junior VB.NET developer. After graduation, the young envisioner worked in a big Anti-Virus company as an AV engineer where he became a lead in their department as a Microsoft Share Point technology developer. Now, he established a strong Web Development company named DragonScale. He is also working to continue into promoting Information and Communications Technology in the local community as his number one advocacy.

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